Cigna's Appeal Form is attached for your use. The Appeal Form is not required to file appeals with us, but it is provided for your convenience as an option to help capture the needed information to process your appeals. This form may be particularly helpful if you need to appeal many claims for the same reason - you can use just one form: Provider Claims Appeal Form [PDF].

There are three ways to appeal a previously processed claim:

  1. Fax the request to Cigna at 1 (877) 809-0783.
  2. Mail the request to:
    Cigna STAR+PLUS
    Attn: Appeals and Complaints Department
    PO Box 23269
    Nashville, TN 37202
  3. File individual electronic appeals through Cigna's Provider Portal.

Requests for claim appeals must be made within 120 days from the date of remittance of the Explanation of Payment (EOP).

Within 5 business days of receiving a written claim appeal, Cigna will send an acknowledgement letter to the appealing provider. Provider Claim Appeals are resolved within 30 days of receipt. Cigna will send written notification of the resolution to the Provider. Providers can refer to the Cigna Provider Manual for more information about claims filing and claims appeals.